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With more and more people becoming conscious of what they eat and their overall health, we now have a number of services to help you on your way to a new you! We have a former Olympic athlete who is on hand to answer any of your health or nutrition questions. We believe that you should get advice from the experts!

Food Intolerance Testing

We offer food intolerance testing – where we can check if you are sensitive to any types of foods. Often our clients report that they feel bloated, get pains, sniffy noses and much more. Often this can be down to a food intolerance without even realising. You may not necessarily have an allergy as such – you could have an intolerance which may affect you differently. Call in store to arrange your test.

Diet Advice

At Kissane’s, we are more than happy to discuss your diet with you. We know that there are many reasons you may wish to change your diet – not just weight loss. Other reasons could be health issues, training etc. There are several things you can do to change your diet and your overall attitude towards food. We are more than happy to sit with you and go through this.

Kissane's Pharmacy


Even with a well-balanced diet many of our clients can also benefit from additional supplements. We can offer advice for people of all ages, etc. Nutritional requirements can vary, for example a pregnant lady will require different supplements to somebody training for a sporting event.